Aging Shrinks and Mental Wizardry

Picture of Phil Stutz in front of a green screen during the shooting of Jonah Hill’s documentary about Phil Stutz.
Source: Instagram @jonahhill
Jonah Hill in the Wolf of Wall Street
Old guru with eyes hidden in shadow
  1. Boldness: Calling Phil Stutz was bold. I’m a nobody, and he deals with household names. Calling him again after he’d ignored me was delusional. But it also led my most cherished memory. Boldness is the closest thing we have to magic.
  2. Preparedness: Phil said no to me. But he wouldn’t even have answered the phone if I hadn’t spent ~40 hours designing, building, and releasing the app before getting in touch. I’d shown that I was serious by doing the work up-front. Preparedness meant I could tell him about the man who’d used my app and emailed me with glowing feedback. If you’re going to pitch someone who’s out of your league, do the work up-front. They’ll pay attention.




Student @ UBC (Vancouver, BC).

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Anirudh Kannan

Anirudh Kannan

Student @ UBC (Vancouver, BC).

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