Week 11 — in Retrospect

I’ve been writing about my experience learning fullstack software development — my goal is to be good enough to land a SWE internship next summer.

This post covers the latest week (Nov. 8 ~ 14).

What’s worked well:

  • Communication: I keep thinking good work is about work. That’s half the battle. Clear, honest communication counts.
  • Balance: I’ve tried to strike a balance between thinking and doing. When I’ve stuck to that, it’s proved valuable.

What’s gone poorly:

  • Input volume: I’d hoped to spend 20 hours a week on this. My current high is 15.
  • Rashness: Thinking before doing is a constant struggle. One that pays huge dividends.

What I’ve built:

This repo contains my (almost-) latest work. I can share more when we start to put the frontend I’m building into production.

Older work on GitHub: https://github.com/anirudhkannan9