Week 6 — in Retrospect

  • Routinizing: I’ve established a regular sleep schedule. This means I have a routine in which I spend the first couple of hours each day to working on this. I went from 6 hours spent on software last week to 13 hours this week. My aim is to get to ~20 hours/week, outside of my full course load.
  • Thinking: One trap that’s hard to avoid is simply copying and pasting the code from the samples into my own exercising. While this saves time, I’m worried it leaves me with a superficial understanding of what I’m doing, and why. I’ve partly remedied this by jotting down the function of the code I plan to write on paper before implementing. This keeps me focussed and helps me understand the code I’m writing. The exercises are typically hard enough that I have to think — I can’t get away with just copying. I suppose this is more a pre-emptive concern.




Student @ UBC (Vancouver, BC).

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Anirudh Kannan

Anirudh Kannan

Student @ UBC (Vancouver, BC).

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